​Best Printers 2018 – Review & Top Picks

For office work and printing needs at home as well, you always need fine printing accessories to get better quality results. It is only possible when you have the best printers 2018 available for you to use. And if you are looking for the best options that are available on the market, you may find yourself a bit confused because most of the brands and models claim to be the best one. So if you are feeling confused and not sure which one should you buy, here is our sorted list that has been determined the best among the thousands of the better options.


​HP OfficeJet Pro 8720

​The HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 is a solid all-rounder, with reasonable printing costs and good print quality. There are a few unfortunate niggles that hold it back, but overall, it's a very solid small business printer.

​​​Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA

​The Samsung SL-M2020W printer is small, relatively fast, and bristling with features, including Wi-Fi, NFC compatibility, and the ability to print from iOS and Android mobile ​devices

​HP ENVY 5055

​Get affordable prints and increased versatility. Set up, connect, and print right from your mobile device, and produce high-quality photos and everyday documents. Print, scan, and copy with ease.

​​Canon ​MX922

​The Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless Office All-In-One Printer more than makes up for its slow speed for business applications with its output quality and MFP features.

​Brother HL-3170CDW

​The Brother HL-3170CDW color LED printer comes up a little short on output quality, but largely makes up for it with fast speed and good paper handling.

​#1 HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 All-in-One Wireless Printer

For the most sophisticated functioning, this printer has been given the sleek construction as well as provided with some of the modern features most of us have been looking for so far.

This is a color inkjet printer that can copy scan or print the materials wirelessly so that you can get printed anything with a touch of your mobile without having to create a wired connection with it.

In addition to that, the AirPrint feature enables the two-sided printing so that you get a smoother finish and the details that you need in the printed materials.

The printer works with the instant ink that creates a ready to print function for quick and easy printing without any delay and will never end up with the ink run-out situation.

Due to the busy work routines, the printer has been given the features from the future where you can print your documents and pictures wirelessly by just clicking or touching your phone screen, iPhone or iPads. You can directly print by giving the command from your mobile devices.

The specialized HP design with print forward setup assures hassle-free paper handling and quick and easy printing for easier use.

The printer uses 50 percent lesser ink on the standard paper as compared to the laser printers. It is truly an all-in-one printer that offers borderless and extraordinary printing process assuring quality and affordability at the same time.

It prints faster and allows 24 pages in one minute if you are using black only or you get 20 pages per minute if there are many colors needed in the print. No need for the extended outer tray as it manages all work within its capacity. You may also subscribe and sync Ink replenishment service assure you get the ink delivered before it ends in your printer.

​#2 ​​Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA Wireless ​ Printer

Samsung offers wireless, easy to use and sophisticated printers that assure convenient usage and outstanding quality at ease. This one is another perfect example of the latest printers available on the market today.

The printer comes with the wireless control option using which you may print your documents or pictures by using your iPhone or iPad or smartphones you have. In addition to that, the near-field print allows you to print out documents without any problems as it gets in sync easily with your device.

By using the Samsung print app you can sync and use the printer with ease. It is very easy to operate and setup and does not need a huge space to set up and work in a small place.

The ECO driver enables the user to avoid wasting ink, paper, and energy by identifying the things your document may have in extra.

The printers also come up with an enhanced productivity level as it offers around 21 papers per minute without compromising on the quality of the prints you get. The enormous data print and picture printing quality make sure you get the best print results on the paper in a quick time.

The power consumption is 310 watt while it is printing and 30 watts when it is on standby. It is compatible with Windows, Vista, Mac, and Linux. The compact and state of the art design make it easier to place and use anywhere you need.

Though double-sided printing is not available in this printer you can easily pause and flip for the printing on the other side so that you get what you need.

​#3 ​​HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

This All-in-one printer has all the features you need in a printer with the best capabilities for printing the images and the documents that need high quality orienting finish in a shorter period of time.

This one is surely an efficient printer with most of the needed features for easier and quicker results without compromising on the quality.

The printer comes with the wireless printing capability that assures Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a Bluetooth function so that you get the fast and perfect print you need.

It can easily scan, copy and print so that the whole process becomes hassle-free whether you need to prepare professional documents or print out pictures at home. The results are high-quality every time and you get detailed prints every time.

The printer supports a range of paper sizes so that you can print what you need. It also offers borderless printing so that you get a real print of the photo you have.

The wireless connectivity makes it easier to connect to the smartphone and mobile devices so that you can print from the G drive, iCloud or the online resources and your camera as well.

The printer offers two-sided printing for improved speed and offers lesser energy usage while providing all the best features for the better printing process.

The ink replenishment service is also available if you need to stay worried free and get the ink delivered to you when it is about to end.

The one-year limited warranty keeps you easy as you can get support whenever you might need. It is also energy star certified assuring that it offers no energy burdens and is eco-friendly.

​#​4 Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer

Canon printer is a true printing accessory for the home and office use as it offers reliable printing features for printing documents as well as for the photos you need.

The printer works perfectly with the wireless LAN so that you may get immediate print whenever you need by using your mobile devices. The AirPrint features allow easier, faster and accurate printing facility in your hands that you can use anytime you need.

The printer features 35 sheet auto feeder for the documents with duplex printing and provides an easy copy, scan and print process at your fingertips. So you didn't have to load pages when you are printing the documents.

The duplex printing makes sure you get print on both sides without having you to flip every time you are looking for a double-sided print from the printer. The printer works fine with the combo ink tanks as well as individual ink tanks. The five individual ink setup make sure you get the right ink amount and the color that is needed for the documents or the picture.

The built-in Ethernet offer easier connectivity with the network and the compatibility and processing with G3 Fax assure you get the documents printed at ease.

The sleek and stylish structure make sure you can keep the printer anywhere because it does not need a huge or big space to work.

​#​5 ​Brother HL-3170CDW Digital Color Printer 

This Brother color printer offers digital prints with greater accuracy and makes sure you get the exact print quality that you have been looking for in the pictures and the documents. The printer is designed to match the print quality needs that are needed in offices for printing important documents.

Though it does not come with scan or fax function it still works perfectly for providing the prints with double-sided printing and allows Wi-Fi connection to connect the printer with the smart devices.

The printer offers efficient performance for up to 23 papers per minute so that there is no delay in the printing process.

It also comes with 250 paper carrying tray for easier and better performance. It works fine on the wireless network and also has the Ethernet connection for faster and better connectivity and quality of the results.

 You can either use the Ethernet or the wireless connectivity for better performance and results. It is a compact and reasonably sized printer that offer high-end features for the user.

It also comes with Amazon ink replenishment feature so that you may subscribe for the ink cartridge and get the ink delivered to you before it ends.

For the best printer 2018 to buy, you must know that the quality of the print and eco-friendly processing, speed, wireless connectivity and the dual-sided printing capabilities are few of the most desired features that have to be checked before buying any of the printers. So it is better to analyze them first and make sure to choose the one that keeps the hassles away and offers faster, better and high-quality printed materials in an easy to accomplish manner.